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Our New Look!

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We are sporting a new look and would love to hear your <a href="/discuss">feedback</a>.

New image development!

06/25/2011 This week some of the Open1to1 developers got together to begin the process of creating a new image for the 2011-2012 school year deployment. One major development is to make a live DVD for folks to use as the initial install image which you can then modify prior to using the USB imaging solution to create your own image for deployment. You'll also be able to use the live DVD in many other scenarios ranging from the classroom computers to student use at home. You'll also be able to use it for training and demo purposes! I'm hoping to be able to create a bootable live USB image as well as a VM for folks to use as well. Since the live DVD is also an .iso file which can pine used as an installer, the VM part will be easy. I suspect the live USB will also be quite easy. The image looks like it will be pretty straightforward, however I am struggling a little with the new Unity desktop interface in that it is not very customizable. I may opt to install the former netbook interface (there are new packages for Ubuntu 11.04) and default on that while leaving the choice for folks to choose the Unity interface if they prefer. I'm also planning to set up the regular Gnome desktop as well and offer that as a choice for those who use larger laptops and would prefer a more traditional desktop environment. I hope to have much of the image done for a show and tell at FOSSed 2011 next week. David Trask

NOTE on the state of the new image development

First, welcome!  Just a note to new visitors.  Many of the links on this site may be in a state of flux as we have just moved to this new web site.  Also we are currently working hard to bang out the next version of the Open1to1 image.  To all our current and prospective users...the image is done and is quite stable...yet we are making adjustments to the imaging tool and the configuration tool as it does not work right with the new image due to changes in the way Ubuntu handles some things.  Brendan is on a job site in Indiana and will be back by the end of the which point he assures us that he'll get the imaging tool ready.  Hopefully we'll have it up and ready for you by early next week. Thanks for your patience.


Image is ALMOST ready!


Hi all!

Brendan and I finished squashing a nasty bug in the imaging tool this morning.  Now we are simply waiting for Launchpad to finish building the repository for the firstrun files...once it's done, I can finalize the image and get it uploaded.  I'm shooting for mid-afternoon, but we are at the mercy of the Ubuntu/Launchpad server.  Once it has finished building I'll get right on it.  I hope to have something in your hands later today.  Thank you all for your patience.  I think you'll really like this image.


The new image is READY!


Thanks for your patience.  We ran into some logistical and technical hurdles on this one, but never fear....the new image is HERE!  Simply click on the Downloads link in the upper right corner of the page and have at it!  Be sure to read the Instructions.  Also...if you have used Open1to1 before...YOU MUST MAKE NEW USB STICKS for this new image.  it will NOT work otherwise.  Also...the Linux configuration tool is not working from the USB stick in Ubuntu due to security changes that prevent running scripts from a USB stick.  However, it does work in WINE.  So...if you are on a later version of Ubuntu...simply open the Windows version of the configuration tool in WINE by right-clicking and selecting "open with" and choosing the WINE Windows Program Loader.  It will work fine from there.  The Windows configuration tool is working fine from USB.  This image is beta although there have not been any reported problems...please beat on it and let us know of any glitches.  We hope to declare it final sometime next week.  If you feel comfortable with the current image...deploy at your risk...but test, test, test!

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