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Open 1-to-1 is utilizing a community of resources to provide high quality and comprehensive user training and technical expertise.


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Call for Professional Development Personnel and Resources!

WE WANT YOU! If you are a Professional Development Specialist or a talented educator…please get involved! Open 1-to-1 is looking for people with experience in creating and delivering high quality professional development surrounding the deployment of technology in schools. We plan on delivering the content in multiple ways. We need help with face to face, online and self paced content. Watch this space for more information on how you can help!

Call for Professional Software Developers!

WE WANT YOU! If you are a Professional Developer or a talented open source programmer…please get involved! We can use your skills. Fame and fortune will be yours. People from all over will adore you. Statues will be raised in your honor! Ok…maybe we’re exaggerating a little, but seriously, we’d love to have your help and involvement. Watch this space for more information on how you can help! FOSSED

Join us at FOSSed

The Free & Open Source Software in Education Conference, also known as FOSSed, is a concept whose time has come. For many years folks have engaged in teaching the use of proprietary applications to serve an immediate need under the guise of long-term preparation. We’ve learned that this is an exercise in futility. People change. Applications change. Given this inevitable change, it makes more sense to engage in the teaching of practical concepts related to computers and software in general. FOSSed is committed to providing meaningful professional development opportunities for educators and technology personnel to enhance learning, deployment, and integration. FOSSed will serve as one of the means for providing training for those involved in 1-to-1 initiatives. We will be there and so should you!